Fragment's Note+ AfterStory





Fragment's Note+ AfterStory is now available for Android and iOS!


Fragment's Note+ AfterStory is available now! Have fun and enjoy!


Added some characters to the gallery! Mischa, Haya, and Eri are available!


Updated Special! The opening movie is available!


Updated character information! Yukitsuki, Matsuri, Rina, Mikiya, and Kazuhide are available!


Updated character! Mischa, Haya, and Eri are available!


"Fragment's Note+ AfterStory" the official website has been launched!

Following the story of "Fragment's Note+"...

"it's gonna be a new future from here!"

In "Fragment's Note+ AfterStory",
you can enjoy the story that follows
the events of the previous title,
"Fragment's Note+".

  • One day, Mischa had a scary dream.
    Because of it, she feels anxious.
    Her anxiety grows day by day eventually
    distorting her mind and....

  • Finally, Yukiha and Haya are
    in a relationship.
    However, there is no difference between before.
    This fact made them gradually grow apart.....

  • Yukiha and Eri's relationship
    keep going well.
    However, Yukiha is surrounded by many charming
    women, and Eri has one wish when she sees it.
    Her wish is want to be the one.....



  • Fragment's Note+ Opening Movie

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  • Fragment's Note+ AfterStory

  • Genre: Romance Visual Novel

  • Release Date: Upcoming in winter 2022

  • Rating: IARC 12+

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